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Getting a Brazilian Wax for the First- Time? Everything You Wish You Know Sooner!

By Jessica S, Wax Specialist at Waxworx

As the bare skin trend has embraced society, both men and women have increasingly spent a considerable amount of time on self-grooming. In fact, the hair removal industry has shockingly grown in interest among individuals of all ages. This of course also means - new improvements to more familiar traditional hair removal methods long used before society endorsed bare necessities. If you have been thinking about exploring the best way to get to baby-soft skin, we have got the perfect formula for you.

Now it is time to experience the difference at South Florida’s newest wax salon to maintain luxurious silky, smooth skin that is longer-lasting and has great results! Here at WaxWorx, our focus is to provide a pleasant waxing session that yields long-lasting results for an exceptional experience every time. Wax Worx Signature Wax is designed to nourish the skin and leave long-lasting results. A perfect solution for sensitive skin providing a comfortable and gentle experience. Our wax is alcohol-free and completely natural with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. While traditionally soft wax was used with the application of strips for removal, hard wax hardens on its own without the use of any paper strips adhering strongly to the hair follicles directly versus the skin for a gentle painless waxing experience.

There is just no better, cleaner, and more satisfying hair removal and grooming process out there. Shaving every day is not only impractical, but unreliable, unsatisfactory, and to be quite honest unbearable. Especially when it comes to maintaining the bushes in our intimate areas. While waxing is SO MUCH easier than shaving, it can however be quite intimidating - particularly if it is your first time. Most people have tried waxing at least once in their lifetime, but often show hesitation - and even fear - when it comes to a Brazilian/bikini wax. Because of the relevancy of the new hair removal methods, most people do know what to really expect and that is what makes the treatment seem so intimidating.

In our years of experience, the client more well-informed and comfortable the client is during their Brazilian / bikini wax, the process becomes less intimidating and has only minimal discomfort. Let's go through step-by-step what to expect during your first Brazilian / bikini wax before your next appointment.

Here are some things to remember:

1) Your wax specialist has over 10 years of experience. Even though this may be your first time, this is definitely not her first time. With extensive amounts of training and lots of knowledge, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

2) You can choose your bikini style whether you like a completely bare bald eagle or a simple landing strip finish, we can accommodate your style.

3) Only remove articles of clothing you are comfortable with. While you have to expose the area being waxed, you do not have to be completely naked and revealing. Your wax specialist is a professional health professional and applies the wax only topically.

4) You will be laying down for the entire procedure. For the front wax, we asked you to shape your legs into a froggy form with you laying on your back. Then if you choose to add on the butt wax, we either ask you to bend your knees and hug them to your chest while still laying on your back or you may flip over and hold the cheeks open for an easy butt wax.

5) The hard wax palettes are enriched with nutrients & vitamins that are carefully heated to a warm temperature and then applied directly to the skin without any paper strips! The wax cools quickly and hardens for a gentle painless waxing experience.

6) The pain is minimal & quick for Brazilian / bikini waxing described as a pinch for most individuals. While it’s also worth mentioning that some people respond to pain differently. You might have a high pain tolerance and think nothing after getting a Brazilian wax. Whatever your pain tolerance may be, the procedure is quick & easy. The pain only lasts for a bare few seconds. After that, the pain dulls. You can also limit the pain by taking ibuprofen before the procedure. Additionally, you can limit the pain by going to an experienced wax specialist.

We will begin with an initial consultation to discuss your desired look and expectations. While there is a lot of hesitation about revealing intimate areas to a stranger, our expert wax specialist will help you feel comfortable and answer any questions you may have. While bikini / Brazilian wax sounds intense, we want to assure you that our wax is gentle and safe to use on all areas. The wax cools quickly and hardens for a gentle painless waxing experience. Wax Worx Signature Wax is designed to nourish the skin and leave lasting results.

A Brazilian wax includes both a bikini full with a butt strip for a smooth front and back finish. Our wax specialists have experienced training to provide a comfortable and gentle experience for even the most sensitive skin.

We can go one step further and add on a butt-full wax service to your bikini for a smooth finish front and back. Note the Brazilian wax includes a butt strip. However, you may upgrade to a butt full for full coverage. Ask our wax specialist to customize your wax services based on your needs.

We begin by cleansing the skin of any oil, lotions, or residue with our refreshing lavender water. We remove the hair with our hard, stripless wax. Your wax specialist will provide additional touch-ups for any hair that was unable to be removed. Once the hair is removed, we apply a soothing agent to help prevent ingrown hairs and soothe the skin of any redness or irritation.

Download our free wax guide to getting a Brazillian wax for the first time.

We want to make sure you are comfortable and well-informed about your wax session to ensure a wonderful waxing experience. Review our frequently asked questions to address any other questions you may have in mind. If you can’t find the answer to your question, send us an email at | DM on Instagram @thewaxworxx | Call/text (954) 271-4507 and we will be sure to address your questions/concerns right away!.


Take a moment to review our frequently asked questions & checklists for reference on how you may prepare yourself for your first visit.


As our guests, we value building good client relations & strive to make sure you are comfortable every step of the way. We are confident that our proven 3-step speed waxing procedure will leave you with a quality wax that works every time.

We specialize in Eyebrows and Brazilian Wax services providing a quick & painless experience lasting no longer than 10 minutes. What makes us different is our guest experience. Not only do we take pride in our expertise, but we care about each person's specific needs and wants. Each service is tailored to your requests.


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Now you are ready for your Brazilian / bikini wax session - Book your appointment with Waxworx today. Read more about how to prepare for your appointment.


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