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Face Wax: What to Expect During Your Visit

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

By Jessica S, Wax Specialist at Waxworx

It is time to experience the difference at South Florida’s newest wax salon to maintain luxurious silky, smooth skin. Here at WaxWorx, our focus is to provide a pleasant waxing session that yields long-lasting results for an exceptional experience every time. We specialize in Eyebrows and Brazilian Wax services providing a quick & painless experience lasting no longer than 10 minutes. As our guests, we value building good client relations & strive to make sure you are comfortable every step of the way. We are confident that our proven 3-step speed waxing procedure will leave you with a quality wax that works.

WaxWorx specialize in full body, hard wax. What makes us different is our guest experience. Not only do we take pride in our expertise, but we care about each person's specific needs and wants. Each service is tailored to you requests.


Take a moment to review our frequently asked questions & checklists for reference on how you may prepare yourself for your first visit.


We like to have our clients well informed before, during, and after their visit. Review our client education notes.

Once you arrive to Waxworx, you will be welcomed and greeted by our wax specialists who will take you to the wax room. You will be asked to reveal the area of skin that you would like to have waxed. We recommend to remove your make-up before your appointment for better results.

Note: It is very important you let your technician know if you are currently taking any oral or topical medications - especially for acne or if you have any medical conditions that the specialist should know about. Also please let your specialist also know if you have been shaving / threading / tweezing between sessions.

For Face Wax:

We will begin with an initial consultation to express your desired expectations. First we cleanse the skin of any oil, make-up, or residue with our refreshing lavender water. Then we apply the hard wax over the hair intended to be removed. Once the hair is removed, we will apply a soothing agent to help soothe the skin of any redness or irritation.

For Brow wax:

We will begin with an initial eyebrow consultation to discuss your desired look and expectations. While there are various eyebrow shapes & styles, check our some popular eyebrow styles often requested. These options are both classic & flattering. Our expert brow specialist will help you find the best eyebrow shape for your face shape.

We begin by cleansing the skin of any oil, makeup, or residue with our refreshing lavender water. We will cleanse the area then brush and trim the brows as necessary. We remove the hair with our hard, strip-less wax. You have the option for a eyebrow fill-in with an eyebrow pencil.

We want to make sure you are comfortable and well informed about your wax session to ensure a wonderful waxing experience. Review our frequently asked questions to address any other questions you may have in mind. If you can’t find the answer to your question, send us an email at and we will be sure to address your questions / concerns right away!.


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Now your ready for your face wax - Book your appointment with Waxworx here. Read more about how to prepare for your appointment.


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