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Brow / Lashes Tinting: What to Expect During Your Visit

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

By Jessica S, Wax Specialist at Waxworx

Eyelash tinting and eyebrow tinting services is a popular cosmetic non-invasive procedure perfect for individuals who have light colored eyelashes or eyebrows, or have thin or fine hairs. It is also a great option for those who are looking for a makeup free option, that can last up to 4 weeks. It is a simple, quick, and painless procedure.

Eyebrow tinting is the process of applying a semi-permanent dye over your lashes or brows to enhance the shape and define the finished look. This can achieve a thicker, darker, and fuller look.

Both the eyelash and eyebrow tinting procedures basically follow the same steps and precautions listed below. During the initial consultation you will work with your stylist to select your custom color that compliments your natural lashes and brows. Take a look of some of our popular brow styles often requested.


Take a moment to review our frequently asked questions & checklists for reference on how you may prepare yourself for your first visit.


We like to have our clients well informed before, during, and after their visit. Review our client education notes.

Once we are ready to begin, you will lay down for the whole time of the procedure with your eyes closed the entire time. Your specialist will apply the tinting solution and allow it to set. Once it is done, the brows and lashes will be cleansed and brushes for a final styling finished look.

The procedure lasts about 10-15 minutes leaving you with a bold color that lasts for 3 to 6 weeks depending on your aftercare.


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